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Testing Advice

As part of its college admission consulting services, Educ8Fit Consulting helps to (1) develop testing schedules and strategies for students and (2) determine if there is a need to test at all if all of the student's prospective schools are either test-optional or test-blind.  Our testing schedules help students to obtain higher test scores and to decrease the stress about the importance of a single test.

Educ8Fit Consulting does not conduct test prep, but it can refer students to test prep resources and firms upon request. 


FREE Test Prep Resources


Here are some free test preparation resources:

Testing Dates


Standardized Testing for Florida Public Colleges and Universities

Please remember that test scores are required for admission to Florida public schools.  They are also required to qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarship.  

Test-Optional Schools

Test-optional schools are those schools that do not require test scores for admission.  Many of them have signed a pledge that they will not hold students at a disadvantage if they do not submit test scores.  However, some of these "test-optional" schools admit students who lack test scores at dramatically lower rates than those students who submit test scores.  For a list of schools that are test-optional, please see  Please be aware that in some instances a university may have announced that it is test optional even though some of the more selective programs within the university, such as nursing or engineering, still require test scores for admission.

Digital SAT

You can see my blog post about the Digital SAT at:

Contact me for a free consultation.

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