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College Research and List Development

A good list of colleges for a student to apply to will:


  • Increase the odds that the student will have multiple colleges to choose from that have admitted the student.


  • Decrease the likelihood of transferring by identifying colleges that are good fits academically, socially, and financially.  


  • Decrease the potential cost of college since transferring can delay graduation and taking an extra year to graduate typically costs around $70,000 in tuition and lost wages.

Educ8Fit Consulting develops lists of best-fit colleges and universities.  The lists are based on what schools are determined to be good academic, financial, and social fits for the student and family.  Since Educ8Fit Consulting does its career and college financing assessments in-house, it is particularly well-suited to develop helpful college lists.  Here are some tools that may be of assistance:

Steven Antonoff – College Worksheets

Dr. Steven Antonoff, author of College Match: A Blueprint for Choosing the School for You, provides worksheets that can be helpful to students as they conduct their college search process:

College Search and Exploration / Tools

One of the ways Educ8Fit Consulting can help a student is by conducting the search process.  Here are some basic tools that can also assist in that process:



Big Future

College Navigator

College Scorecard

Net Price Calculator

College Results

NICHE Niche: College Search, Reviews, and Rankings

Payscale's Best Value Colleges

College Wiki

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