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LGBTQQ Resources

LGBTQIA Friendly Colleges

Students and their families might be interested in identifying schools and communities that welcome members of the LGBTQIA community when looking for best-fit colleges and universities.  Welcoming schools should not just be identified based on lists on websites like the Campus Pride Index, they should also be identified based on contacts with the local LGBTQIA Center, the local PFLAG chapter, participation of the school in local pride events, the mission statement for the school, and inclusion of an LGBTQIA group funded by the school on the school’s website.  As almost always, it is important to visit the college or university in person to determine if it is a good fit for your situation.


LGBTQIA College Websites


Campus Pride Index  --


Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) --


Community Centers --


Campus Centers --

City Rankings -- Municipal Equality Index 2020 - HRC

College Guide for LGBTQ Students |

LGBTQ+ State Legislative Maps


Anti-LGBTQ laws


Anti-trans Laws

LGBTQIA Scholarships

Human Rights Campaign -- Multiple LGBTQIA Scholarships

Scholarship Database - Human Rights Campaign (

Campus Pride Scholarship Database --

Multiple LGBTQIA scholarships -- LGBTQIA+, Parent LGBTQIA+ or LGBTQIA+ Ally Scholarships -


Gamma Mu (primarily for gay males) -- Scholarship Guidelines - Gamma Mu Foundation

LGBT Public Interest Scholarships -

Point Foundation -

Pride Foundation

Scholarship Opportunities - Pride Foundation

League Foundation

LEAGUE Foundation

Live Out Loud Scholarships

Scholarships - Live Out Loud

TSER Scholarships - Scholarships for Trans and Gender-Diverse Students

Scholarships - (

Rainbow Scholarships --

eQuality --

Gay Asian and Pacific Islander

Scholarship --

Stonewall Community Foundation

Scholarships — Stonewall Community Foundation (

STEM Scholarship --

Ramblers Scholarship - For LGBTQI Athletes with Financial Need

Scholarship — NY RAMBLERS

The 49 Fund --

Inclusion in Digital Marketing Scholarship - LGBT Marketing Majors

$3500 Digital Marketing Scholarship for Students in College (

National Gay Pilots Association Scholarships - must pay to join first

Frequently Asked Questions - NGPA - The Worldwide LGBTQ Aviation Community

LGBTQIA Professional and Graduate Schools

LGBTQ+ Law School

American Bar Association

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