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About Educ8Fit Consulting LLC

Educ8Fit Consulting, LLC, provides college admission counseling to match prospective students to schools that are good academic, career, social, and financial fits.  Jim Houser, the principal and founder of Educ8Fit Consulting, has experience working on complex admission matters, including financial aid and international admissions.

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College counselor photo of Jim Houser
Jim Houser

Jim Houser is the principal and founder of Educ8Fit Consulting.  He has dedicated his career to education because he realizes that it transforms lives.  His background includes:

  • Working four admission cycles with prospective college and graduate students.  Past students have matriculated to Stanford, Dartmouth, and Yale.  In addition, he provides college success training that helped one student improve from a "D" junior year in high school to being admitted to the honors program during freshman year in college.

  • Over 30 years of progressively increased responsibility working in education, including 13 years working in the Office of the Secretary of Education at the U.S. Department of Education and three years in the President's budget office. 


  • Completing degrees and programs at Duke University, Lawrence University, Harvard University, and UCLA Extension.

  • A certificate in college counseling from UCLA Extension earned with distinction.  Jim Houser evaluates merit scholarship applications for UCLA undergraduate students.

  • An associate membership in the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and membership with the Southern Association for College Admission Counselors.  Jim Houser serves on the financial aid subcommittee for IECA and on the Graduate Arts and Sciences subcommittee for IECA.  


  • Experience interviewing prospective students for admission to Duke University, serving as a thesis advisor for Duke undergraduate students, and mentoring Duke graduate students.


  • Writing and proofreading documents signed by U.S. Presidents and cabinet members.

  • Authoring 13 education publications. 

  • Involvement at the graduate level at Duke University includes (1) grading papers and exams for undergraduate and graduate classes as a teaching assistant in politics and microeconomics classes and (2) serving as a research assistant at an education think tank.


  • Involvement at the undergraduate level at Lawrence University includes providing and coordinating campus tours for the admissions office; serving as a resident advisor/freshman counselor; studying in Zagreb, Croatia; and belonging to a fraternity.


  • Serving as Treasurer, board member, and singer with the Congressional Chorus and the affiliated American Youth Chorus.

Jim Houser is a fitness buff who enjoys kayaking, biking, swimming, and weightlifting.  He is also a wannabe musical theater star.  

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