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College Admission Counseling Testimonials

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Natalya L.

Throughout the confusing and convoluted college application process, Jim was there to help every step of the way. From editing over 20 essays at the last minute to providing multiple comprehensive lists of where I should apply, Jim has remained reliable, supportive, engaged with my progress throughout this process. He dedicated numerous hours, including weekends and holidays to reach out and help. I would not have had a better understanding of the application process without Jim’s counseling. Concerning financial aid, Jim has provided many detailed financial breakdowns of colleges that I wanted to apply to, which have been extremely helpful. Ultimately, I applied to college through Questbridge and was able to get a full-ride to Stanford with Jim's invaluable insight.

Ann H.

Jim helped my family save over $100 thousand in tuition costs.  After the father of my daughter and I divorced, my daughter had minimal contact with her father by the time she was enrolling in college.  She was admitted to a top state school where her father lived.  When Jim found out my daughter was reticent to ask her father for documentation to obtain in-State tuition, Jim impressed upon her the large amount of savings available through in-State tuition.  After my daughter contacted her reluctant father, my daughter succeeded in getting him to provide the documentation needed to obtain in-State tuition. We were very grateful for Jim’s guidance and advice; we likely would not have pursued the in-State tuition path without his involvement.

Jorhena T.

Jim was very helpful, patient, and kind as he worked with us in the college list process. He provided very useful resources and answered all of our questions thoroughly.

Francine P.

Jim Houser was extremely helpful in providing information to my son in graduate programs throughout the process from admissions to financial aid. I highly recommend Jim help you navigate this complex and competitive college seeking journey.

Justino A.

While Jim typically works with students entering undergraduate schools, I was interested in MBA programs where I could use my Post-911 GI Bill benefits.  I thought that I would likely only be able to go to online schools because I was not aware of MBA programs in my area that would accommodate someone who was working fulltime.  Jim was able to produce a list of MBA programs that included universities that had in-person extension programs in my area as well as high-quality accredited online MBA programs.  The in-person extension programs were designed for people in my exact situation who were already working.  He was also knowledgeable about how the Post-911 GI Bill benefits worked to fully cover the cost of in-State tuition for those States that were willing to charge me that rate.  Jim helped me expand my range of options while ensuring that my Post-911 GI Bill benefits would fully cover my costs.

Don S.

Thanks so much for helping my grand-niece who is a senior in high school. She is bright, has an excellent school record, and needed some advice and counsel about colleges with strong liberal arts programs, application procedures as well as financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Colleges and universities vary widely in their policies for application, chances for acceptance, and financial aid. It can be very confusing, but you were able to provide very helpful tips. You walked my grand-niece through the various processes involved in selecting an appropriate school where she had the best chance of acceptance. Your advice about which schools had merit aid and which did not and suggestions about schools that best fit her academic, social, and extra-curricular interests significantly broadened her thinking about where to apply. Your assistance provided her the confidence to apply to schools she had not thought of. Our family is very grateful for your sage advice and counsel.

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