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Extracurricular and Summer Options

Our guidance on extracurricular and summer options can


  • save money that families might otherwise incur in attempts to try to make the student look good,

  • help students sample areas of interest, and

  • show colleges that the student is more than just a transcript of classes.


As part of its college admission counseling services, Educ8Fit Consulting helps students identify meaningful and interesting extracurricular and summer options.  Students who apply to selective colleges and universities with great academic rigor in their coursework, great grades, and high test scores still risk not being admitted if they appear to be “flat.”  Selective colleges and universities want to admit students who have interests that are not purely academic.  They want to admit students who are likely to contribute to the community.  Perhaps more importantly, these extracurricular and summer options allow students to pursue things that they enjoy and to learn more about themselves.

There are also summer options available that would help build students academically and increase their likelihood of academic success at a college or university.

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