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College Essay and Application Assistance

Our college essay assistance helps students identify topics that show them in their best light, which increases their likelihood of gaining admission.  In addition, the college essay guidance helps students improve their writing, which becomes an increasingly important skill in college.  We also provide crucial advice on strategies regarding the ways of applying to college (e.g., early decision).  These different ways of applying can change the likelihood of admission and the cost of attending college.

Educ8Fit Consulting assists in identifying topics for essays, and we review essays.  We also provide advice on developing resumes, which can also function as lists of extracurricular activities to include in college applications.  The ability to write well is an important skill to have in college and the workplace.  By providing one-on-one assistance, we can help teach students how to improve their writing as well as how to write an application essay to the best of their ability.

Educ8Fit Consulting does not prepare applications on behalf of students, but it does provide advice on how students can put their best foot forward in the various elements of the application.  Please contact us at Educ8Fit Consulting for advice on what way of applying works best for you and potential ways to respond to decisions on applications.  


One way to get a "leg up" on college admissions is to find ways to "demonstrate interest" in enrolling at a particular college, and essays are one place to do that.  Here is a blog article I wrote on that topic:  Interested in College? (

College Essay Requirements for Students Going to College in 2023

I assist in developing ideas for essays and proofreading essays.  My prior proofreading experience includes writing and proofreading documents signed by Presidents and members of the President’s cabinet, including several U.S. Secretaries of Education.  Below is information on essays that students might be required to write as part of their applications to matriculate in 2023.


Common Application Personal Statement

The personal statement options for the Common Application have been decided for students applying to attend college in 2023.  Here they are:

Supplemental essays are decided on by individual colleges.  As of May 2021, they have not been finalized on the Common Application website listing of essays.  For many colleges, they do not change much from one year to the next, so some students will start on them before they are finalized.  Here is a listing of the essays for students going to college in 2021:


Coalition Application Personal Statement

The personal statement options for the Coalition Application have been decided for students applying to attend college in 2023.  Here they are:


University of California Application Personal Insight Questions

Here are the University of California Personal Insight Questions:


College Applications


Ways of Applying to College


  • Non-Restrictive Application Plans—Students are not restricted from applying to other institutions and generally have until May 1 (often June 1 due to COVID-19) to consider their options and confirm enrollment.

  • Regular Decision—Students apply, typically around January 1, and receive a decision typically in the Spring of the year the student would later matriculate to college.

  • Rolling Admission—Institutions review applications as they are submitted and provide decisions throughout the admission cycle.

  • Early Action (EA)—Students apply early and receive a decision well in advance of the institution’s regular response date. Some of these are Restrictive Early Application plans (e.g., a student can apply to multiple public colleges but only one private school) under which students are responsible for following restrictions.  (Some colleges will use the term “Preferred” instead of “Early Action.”)

  • Early Decision (ED)—Students commit to a first-choice institution where, if admitted, they will definitely attend. Students may only apply to one school using this method. Consequently, this is a restrictive application plan.  The application deadline and decision deadline occur early.  Exceptions to attending after admission may be made in cases where the financial aid that is offered is inadequate.

  • Restrictive Early Action (REA)—Students apply to an institution of preference and receive a decision early. They may be restricted from applying ED, EA, or REA to other institutions. If offered enrollment, they typically have until May 1 to confirm.


The best way of applying can vary based on your circumstances.  Please contact me for a free initial consultation.  

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