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3.       Development

The college search process offers students the opportunity to both (1) learn about themselves and (2) use that knowledge to develop themselves.  Students can learn about things like what subjects and occupations are of interest to them.  They can also learn to recognize their learning preferences – some learn through theory while others want more of a hands-on experience in college.  Some students are participatory learners, while others are happy to sit in a large lecture hall.


Having the student do a large part of the work in the college application and search process provides the student the opportunity to grow into adulthood.  The student’s involvement provides the opportunity to learn how to write well, develop research skills, and recognize what type of person the student wants to be in life.  These skills can also improve the student’s performance at the postsecondary level and in employment.  The college counselor serves as a guide to the student and family, the counselor assists in the student’s development during the college search process.

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